Monday, April 29, 2013

The Oreo Comedy City Wide Tour #Done or Whatever

Getting to do stand up at five times at four venues in seven days isn't bad for the Mobile AL area, of course I'm used to doing about three a week on average. Things kicked off with a great night at the TAG bar and ended a few blocks away, seven days later at Alchemy Tavern. I also made it to Satori's open mic and then comedy night at Shooter's, in Pensacola, as part of the Mobile Comic Convoy. Alchemy of course was two nights 4/26-27, Dave Stone headlined both nights as part of his Rambling Van Tour ( All of it was tons of fun but left me drained by the end of the week, not to mention I only sold two books all week LOL. But thanks to my buddy Steven (comedian BFG) I finally got some new footage of my on stage performance and it's improved since the last time it was recorded a year ago. I plan on putting that footage on DVD along with my sketches and finally having a true comedy DVD, FINALLY!

Things have been so far so good this year. I want to do more comedy and film and it's getting there. I just got booked and lined up for my first spot in a show in New Orleans! That's why I tell everyone if you're interested in this just keep coming out. Yes some people are geniuses and seem to be naturals at making people laugh while the rest of us are workhorses, we may not be pretty but we get the job done. Believe me it's not always pretty but the end result is the same. Early on I had to cancel a couple out of town gigs but I kept on plugging away working stages and I'm going to go back to those rooms when the time is right. Hopefully I'll get to go to quite a few more cities soon.

Thanks for staying tuned and please visit the online store!


Comedy Whatever 4.26.2013 Featuring @ Alchemy Tavern 

Alfred Ward, Dave Stone, and Steven Street (BFG) 4.27.2013