Monday, September 29, 2014

October is looking good!

Everything is in Mobile so far. I have a couple trips out of town, but so far things are TBA on those. I get to feature at Legends and that's going to be awesome! Outside of that there's continuing to visit the open mic at The Blind Mule and quite a few great shows I get to open or feature for. 


August-September SAY WHAT!

Rich was electric, I had to take notes!

I always have a great time in Huntsville! 

I stopped by Mezzo's Juke Joint in Oceans Springs MS for a open mic 8-4-2014

Me and Steven Street Outside of Landmass Comedy's Gulfport MS show on 8-14-2014

Freaked out a lil at this show but it was all good.

These guys always pack the house, they killed it, got a standing ovation. 

 There was also the underwear show, I'll have to find the flyer!