Saturday, May 4, 2013

Support INFINITY GIRLS : a sci-fi thriller by Burning Mirror Films!!! on Kickstarter!

Hey out there in internet land I have some great news for you! My favorite production team is in the process of making their first feature length film! I work with them often so I'm helping out however I can, but this is a great group of people and by supporting you basically get a copy of the finished film so it's a win-win situation! So what are you waiting for?!?!? CHIP IN!

Infinity Girls is a completely independent ~90 minute live-action sci-fi thriller film  -the first full-length movie from Mobile, AL production team Burning Mirror Films. (Mobile, AL is a burgeoning treasure trove of film industry technicians and creative talent, didn't you know?)
We're seeking only the most barebones of budget for the anticipated cost of creating this picture.
The movie is scripted by Daniel Hathcock (Broken Balance) from a story by Trey Lane & Timothy Dixon (Burning Mirror Films) and will be directed by Trey Lane.