Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hey March is like almost over and stuff...

Hey! Update for the month, there's not much to say. I'm on a brief hiatus just enjoying hanging out with the family and reassessing my goals and such. The comedy shows start up again for me at the end of the month with a trip to MS and a couple in Mobile. April already has quite a few dates booked in it so I'm excited about that, one of which is the MEGABUS trip I've been wanting to take for years! Yes I've been planning on taking a $8 trip to Atlanta for multiple years and I am finally, just now able to pull it off. Screw you! I'm stoked about it, totally! Even though it's just for an open mic, it's just an open mic I've been wanting to do for like 4 years! 

Also I've invested quite a bit in my A/V capability and will be able to showcase the efforts sooner than later. NEW SHORTS! maybe a new "Alfred Reads the News" video, we'll see. 

Thanks for tuning in folks and hey if you're looking for work. Get a job!