Sunday, May 5, 2013

What an AWESOME Comedy Show @ Island Strikz In Gulfport Mississippi!

In the midst of my brief hiatus from comedy to do some much needed film work I received the opportunity to make up for canceling a show at Big Mike's in MS by featuring for Tommy Rustin at Island Strikz (5/4/2013). The crowd was awesome! For a moment I thought I was about to be heckled as had most that went before me but nope, in fact they did that scary thing crowds do sometimes in which they get so quiet you can hear yourself breathing. Then you say something and they laugh. I've been told that it means you have their attention, but it still scares the crap outta me when I notice it. Sometimes I just want to yell out "Fuck me, pull out your phones, make calls, go to the bar, order 12 drinks, and bring me one!" It was my first show in Mississippi and I'm really glad everyone enjoyed hearing my anecdotes about homosexual insects, Vietnam, and black supremacy. I'll be back!

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