Monday, November 10, 2014

November Shows up to December 1st with Ron Babcock!

10/31/2014 and 11/7/2014 I visited Comedy Unchained. The Halloween show was ridiculously fun and the 7th with Kelly Spillman of Atlanta was a surreal moment. I had to pause to appreciate.  

We would have a comedy show that goes heads up against the Alabama & LSU football game. Why not we're awesome! No of course we would that's just what we do. The crowd was light but picked up after the game was over and we had a lot of fun. 

I'm excited about the next few weeks. A trio of friends from Mississippi, Anna, and Carlos?!?!? I can vouch for everyone and this line up so I know this will be great. 

Below: The return of Dusty Slay! He destroyed when I saw him at The Blind Mule so he'll be down from Nashville by the South Carolina or something to that sort. You don't want to miss it, of course and me and Clay with Steven hosting!

And Fancy Comedy at Moe's! We're selling a limited number of tickets for this as well. This guy is phenomenal along with Zeke making his way down from The Blind Mule to Moe's. Oh yeah! Follow this link to pick up a ticket in advance. 
Print it out or be fancy with will call.

And no one should forget about Mobile's two comedy open mics! The Blind Mule every Wednesday and The Comedy Show at TAG every Sunday! Now that things are a bit better for me on Sunday I'll be out more often!