Monday, June 9, 2014

May - June - July Comedy Happenings...

Someone took my picture in P'Cola. Thanks dude!

I had forgot about this show, good friends and a great venue. 
I hate that I had to perform and leave right away. 

Montgomery AL was a ton of fun! It was a Mobile and Pensacola invasion! 

I had a great time in B'Ham! If you're ever in town hit Beenie Mac up!

Orange Beach! Where I feel like a rock star!

Hit up Louisiana! I love that state!  

New Comedy open mic in Mobile Alabama!

There's nothing like getting some hosting experience... I've learned. 

Coming to Mississippi!

More stand up comedy at Moe's BBQ downtown lovely Mobile AL. This is going to be a great show, y'all. Joining Rich will be locals Alfred Ward and Steven Street. JD Crowe will be your host. SAY WHAT?

New Orleans? TBA...