Friday, October 18, 2013

October 2013 Baby! Headlining, TAG, Working with A Jew and a Black Guy twice!

 October has been fun so far, I opened for a Jew and a Black Guy down in Perdido Key FL, filled in at Comedy Whatever due to a cancellation, rocked the mic at TAG for the first time in months, ended up headlining about a week later in Orange Beach at Happy Harbor due to a tropical storm delay, and now this weekend I'm featuring on a show with A Jew and a Black Guy again LOL. However this time it's in Mobile AL at Comedy Whatever at the Alchemy Tavern. I wonder if I should dust off my material about needing a Jewish woman in my life. Preferably a Jewish MILF. Only time will tell.

Fun Night with Brent Condon, Alfred Ward, Mike Honore, Robert Rau, and Steven Street!
Comedy Whatever 10/5/2013 — with Colton DeMonte, Matt White, Steven Marcinowski, Louis Bishop, William Masters, Perry Strong, and Alfred Ward.
Onstage at TAG!