Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Guess who did Standup in New Orleans! The Howling Wolf Den @ Comedy Beast!

We came, we saw, we had a great time! So I rolled into New Orleans (Nawlins) with the infamous William Masters in tow not knowing what to expect and we just had a blast. I took a wrong turn and we did have a quick detour through the 9th Ward but I felt at home, no not really, but it wasn't so bad. In fact I was glad to get a point of reference so I could do my Prichard jokes. All over it was an awesome night. I recommend anyone who gets the opportunity to visit New Orleans to attend one of the shows, Andrew & Cyrus run a tight ship. 

Since I started doing standup my goal has been to become a consistently good comic on stage, none of that kill the stage or bomb out all or nothing crap. That's not saying I want to be average, I just want to be able to do great night in and night out with any crowd and not be pigeonholed. Shows like this are really helping me along the way. Since I've accepted the label of a comic I don't worry about being funny, I just have a good time. If you're having a good time the funnies will follow. 

I've kicked off a fundraising campaign on for the summer to sell a few books and DVDs as well as test out the platform. I hope it goes well and I can tour eight to ten cities this fall. I can already but it'd be nice to have gas money. So with the fundraiser going for a couple months and me spending as much time as possible with my son for the summer I'm going to cut back on hitting five or so open mics or shows a week to one, so if you see me announce I'm on a line up please come. Hopefully I can use this extra time to work on some scripts or a new novel. Now it'd be cool to have a new novel ready for the winter... Enough about me, I'll be doing a full post about the fundraiser later... Time to go play with my kid, I feel like today may call for Space Pirates ARRRRRR!